Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cocktail of the Week #4

Next up, The Blinker Cocktail...a solid classic that makes use of only three ingredients, two of which happen to be among my favorites; 
Rye Whisky (Rittenhouse or any Van Winkle Rye will do the trick) 
and the Orange's Evil Cousin...the Grapefruit...
Its a love it or hate it fruit but I confess I mainly save this drink for people who tell me they dont like grapefruit....beacuse afterwards, they always do! 
It was originally made with grenadine, however during the Colonial Era it became scarce, so raspberry syrup was used instead...which in my opinion, makes a much nicer drink...try it with both? Why not?

The Blinker Cocktail:

2 Oz Rye Whisky

1 Oz Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice (Not Pink)

1 Bar-spoon Raspberry Syrup (or Grenadine)


Shake Hard with Ice and Double Strain into a Chilled Cocktail Glass. Traditionally there is no Garnish but if you must, then a grapefruit twist fits nicely...enjoy!

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